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🔥+ blood glucose 500 treatment 28 May 2020 ICD-10-CM Code Equivalent(s). 250.00 Diabetes mellitus without mention of complication, type II or unspecified type, not stated as uncontrolled. E11.9 Type 2 ...

blood glucose 500 treatment Complications of type 2 diabetes. Diabetes can cause serious long-term health problems. It's the most common cause of vision loss and ...

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Clinical Diabetes 2007 Jul; 25(3): 104-104.
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If you have type 2 diabetes, losing 5-10% of your body weight can help improve your blood glucose. Eating less food and getting more exercise can help you lose weight.

You can also improve your blood glucose if you know how the foods you eat affect your blood glucose level. Testing your blood glucose right before you eat and again 2 hours after you eat will help you make wiser food choices. The American Diabetes Association sets a blood glucose target of < 180 mg/dl 2 hours after a meal. If your blood glucose at that time is > 180 mg/dl, making changes in what you eat could help you reach that target.

Eating more carbohydrate foods, such as starches, fruits, sweets, and sugary drinks, than your body can handle can make your blood glucose level rise. Some carbohydrates, such as regular sodas, sweet tea, desserts, and chips, are empty-calorie foods. They raise your blood glucose level and do not give you much nutrition. Fruit juices can also raise your blood glucose level. Drinking them in smaller servings could help keep your blood glucose from going too high. Carbohydrate foods are important and provide you with energy, so don''minipanel-dialog-wrapper''minipanel-dialog-link-link''minipanel-dialog-link-mini''display:none''minipanel-dialog-wrapper''minipanel-dialog-link-link''minipanel-dialog-link-mini''display:none''minipanel-dialog-wrapper''minipanel-dialog-link-link''minipanel-dialog-link-mini''display:none''panels-ajax-pane-title''new-40''panels-ajax-pane panels-ajax-pane-new-40''new-40''panels-ajax-pane panels-ajax-pane-new-4''new-4''panels-ajax-pane panels-ajax-pane-new-5''new-5''highwire-cite highwire-citation-jcore-title-only''highwire-cite-title''highwire-cite highwire-citation-jcore-title-only''highwire-cite-title''highwire-cite highwire-citation-jcore-title-only''highwire-cite-title''highwire-list-footer'>Show more Departments

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